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This was the private Orion3 kick off meeting to introduce TESC!

The ⭐⭐⭐ aligned last night with Robert Blackwell Jr. & Amanda Lannert.

TESC is "The Entrepreneurial Saving Chicago" which is a part of Alpha Mission

One of the best examples of "Creating Conscious Serendipity" is bringing Amanda Lannert and Robert Blackwell together.


Celebrating The Summer Solstice in A Castle

A BIG Thank You to my friend Kevin Kaye and the Katalyst Group for putting together an UNBELIEVABLE event with the Orion3 Family (OrionCore Members and Corporate Members) last night at The Tribune Tower!!

The Historical Tour narrated by the head of Golub & Company , Lee Golub, was such a cool experience!


Investing in Women and People of Color

Amanda Lannert, shared her story on HOW and WHY she got into Angel Investing & Advising Founders.

After that, my brother Claude Cimeus, will do a fireside chat with one of the most fascinating people I've ever met, Robert Blackwell . Robert has done A LOT globally to help Entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds build companies. Oh and he's built two Global companies..


2022 Orion3 Executive Leadership Conference!

The 1st Orion3 Executive Leadership Conference was the Best program/event that we put together.

Alan Johnson, Robert Blackwell Jr. and Joe Del Preto are 3 incredible people from 3 completely different backgrounds who have 3 difference stories and perspectives.

They are the epitome of "Authentic Leadership" and that being REAL works in business!


The, 1st ever, Orion3 Holiday Party last night was a blast!

A big THANK YOU to Molly Ellingsen and Dave Hess for hosting at the BEAUTIFUL Teknion Showroom!

It was great getting the OrionCore Members and Corporate Members together for a night to celebrate what we did last year and start 2023!

THANK YOU to everyone that came out!

Read more..

Creating Company Culture

This time we started off with a panel on the topic of "Creating Company Culture" with 5 amazing Chicago leaders from 5 different industries:

Tim Schumm , Erin Bowen, Amy Hass, Tracy Harrison, and Monica Gupta .

THANK YOU to my friend Paola ( @paolasprenzel ) and the entire team at BEAR Construction Company for making this happen! It's beyond INCREDIBLE to see how the BEAR team managed this historic project.


Immigrant Experience in Corporate America

It's something that doesn't get talked about enough. So we decided to have a REAL conversation about it.

A Private Orion3 Experience with a group of people from the Orion3 Community, who I specifically invited, to listen to 3 incredible Women:

Feride , Rinku , & Cindu


OrionCann: "The Business of Cannabis"

It's almost impossible to get Shaan Kapoor and Brian Ward on the same date in the same state.

Shaan is the COO/CFO of RNBW Cannabis, which is completely disrupting the industry in the West Coast. I'm not going to say it on #Linkedin, but Shaan can tell you why RNBW is going to change the entire trajectory of the Cannabis Industry over the next 3 years .

I know a lot of executives in the Cannabis Industry, and I can say Shaan is one of the most passionate and the most well rounded executives I know! He started his career in corporate/investment banking, then was a Director of Mergers and Acquisitions at Green Thumb Industries (GTI) before becoming CFO/COO of RNBW.


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