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Episode Of Creating Conscious Serendipity

Creating Conscious Serendipity Podcast Orion3
Creating Conscious Serendipity Podcast Orion3

The Intersection Point of 
Personal & Professional


What is Orion3 and what is OrionCore?
I met Benny during the pandemic and felt an instant connection to his authenticity and his purpose. It was
such a strange time for so many people. Having the opportunity to establish genuine relationships with
genuine people while navigating some unprecedented times was such a blessing.
It just felt DIFFERENT but in a very positive way.
Its not a networking group, its not a matchmaking service, its not stuffy, its not judgmental, its a bring
yourself from wherever you are and good things will happen. The idea of conscious serendipity resonated
with me and I truly feel that Benny and the people... Read More.

Joe Lakdawala - VP of Finance B-O-F Corp
OrionCore Member

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